ClassicalMusician02 (Mike) is a 19-year-old Hungarian student who studies piano in a conservatory, and started composing in March 2020. He started playing piano 6 years ago as a hobby, but now he's life is completely changed in the best possible way thanks to his passion for music. He started composing music as a therapeutic method of dealing with his seasonal depression, but he fell in love with it, and composes music almost every day. He always tries to do his best, and oftentimes succeeds in this. He composes mostly solo piano pieces, but he made two choir pieces, and two organ toccatas. He started making transcriptions of his favorite songs. He also loves singing, and started taking singing lessons in October 2020. He wants to be a piano teacher after finishing university. He loves teaching, even had some opportunities. He also made a Youtube channel (which just surpassed 2,400 subscribers) where he uploads his own compositions.

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