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Hegel Pedroza


Graduated in Composition of Contemporary Popular Music from the Fermatta Music Academy and with postgraduate studies in Sound Art and Artistic Research and Production at the University of Barcelona, ​​as well as having various studies in the field of music and the arts by institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Nebrija or the University of Chile. He has worked as a teacher at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico and at the Fermatta Music Academy in Music Bachelor's degrees, leading subjects related to Music Theory, Electric Guitar Performance and Music Technology. He currently works as a musical composer and sound designer for audiovisual media and as a consultant and collaborator in multimedia projects. His work focuses on audiovisual installation and the different dialogues between music and sound arts. His works have appeared in spaces such as the compilation album "Homenaje a Aram Slobodian" from the "Association of Electroacoustic Music of Spain", the exhibition "Cortázar at Casa" from "Casa América de Catalunya", the collective exhibition "Getxo Arte 2014 "From the Getxo City Council, Basque Country, the memory of the musical composition contest" III Premis Zyriab "of the Ciutat de Balaguer, Catalunya, the" Central Emerging Art Festival "carried out by the" Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development ”in El Salvador, the exhibition“ Creations with algorithms: visualization and sonification of data ”of the Center for Digital Culture, among others.

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