Be a Light

Thomas Rhett

Be a Light - Thomas Rhett
“Be a Light” was written by Thomas Rhett, Josh Miller, Josh Thompson, and Matthew Dragstrem. The song was released on March 30th 2020, which was earlier than originally intended, to inspire people during the Coronavirus panademic. As of late April the song had reached number 71 on the Billboard Top 100 Songs in the U.S. The primary songwriter, Thomas Rhett, also announced that all proceeds from the song will go to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, which provides assistance to those in the music industry whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic. Want a fun play along experience? Look for the “Be a Light” version of Clarinet solo with Pop Ensemble! On that version, mute the Clarinet part and you have a band to perform with! Note, you can also mute the Clarinet part here and play along with the piano.

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