Tomaz Nedoh


Tomaž Nedoh is an academic musician, a saxophonist and a professor of saxophone. Currently, he works as a professor of saxophone at a lower and middle music school, where he helps guide students on their music path. Beside that, he is also a regular teacher at international summer music schools and a member of judging panels at Slovenian and international music competitions. Years ago he also conducted Ricmanje orchestra in San Giuseppe della Chiusa (Italy) and Wind orchestra in Trebiciano (Italy). As a saxophonist he collaborates with many renowned Slovenian and foreign musicians, such as Severina, Big Foot Mama and Slavko Ivančič. At the same time, he often performs as a solo artist, both in Slovenia and abroad. And last but not least, he is also composing music himself. So far he has released many musical albums with his own music, among others Reflections (2011), which was recorded live on the homestead of world famous winemaker Kabaj. Recently, he released an album entitled Saxophone LOUNGE MUSIC on which he merged lounge music with saxophone.

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