Leish is a passionate bass player from New Zealand; she has been playing since 2013. She is currently studying a degree of Education at the University of Auckland. She has always jumped at the opportunity to learn and grow her skills. She is a proficient sight reader and is currently a part of five local bands, mostly jazz. She studied at a performing arts school in Auckland, New Zealand, and toured the country playing 86 shows in 10 weeks. Leish has played in over 25 bands playing different genres, including jazz, brass, swing, Latin, bosa nova, pop, gospel, RnB, and theatre. Leish frequently posts to her YouTube channel: LeishPlaysBass or you copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/c/LeishPlaysBass and her Instagram: @LeishPlaysBass Leish has always wanted to help and inspire musicians to learn and never give up. She one day hopes to set up a website and an at home studio to teach bass guitar online and make music her full time career. Leish enjoys the power that music brings in everyday life and is forever grateful for any support! ūüėä

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