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Joaquin Lichtle


Joaquin is a composer, arranger and music director from Mexico. His compositional skills are versatile and he also leans towards a more contemporary orchestral side of film music. He admires Beethoven, Debussy and Mahler for traditional orchestral music but, at the same time, he praises Hollywood giants such as: Hans Zimmer, Harry-Gregson Williams, James Newton Howard and John Williams. From Epic Orchestral to EDM, from Rock to Classical, from Jazz to music for advertisement, and beyond any style, his main priority is to accurately express the emotional content of an image through music. At age 16 he began composing piano pieces and was fascinated with the ability to share a perspective of reality and his world through music. It was at that moment that he acknowledged the power of music and how people react to it. He then discovered he could use this power to inspire people to connect through music. Composing made him certain that this was his calling. ​

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