Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is seen as the biggest and heaviest band of 1970. It formed in 1968 in London, England consisting of singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham. The band’s debut album Led Zeppelin came out in 1969. The combination of heavy metal and elements of folk and blues led the album to commercial success. Later on in the year, Led Zeppelin II came out as well. This album is remembered as one of the classic heavy metal records and included remarkable songs such as Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta Love. The third album the band released, Led Zeppelin III, was different from their past work as it evoked acoustic and folk elements. The band began on stage music experimentations. In 1971, the band’s fourth untitled album was released and become one of the best-selling albums ever with one of their most well-known tracks Stairway to Heaven. Two years later, the band released an all original album called Houses of the Holy in which the band changed musical direction by experimenting with layering and production. In 1974 the band launched their own record company called Swan Song Records and a year later released their own album Physical Graffiti through the company. In 1976, Led Zeppelin released the album Presence a few months after Plant was involved in a car accident. During the same year, the band released a movie entitled The Song Remains the Same of their performance in 1973 in Madison Square Garden. In 1979, the album In Through the Out Door was released and reached number one. In 1980, John Bonham passed away and the band broke up.

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