Hymn for the weekend


An easy piano arrangement of Hymn for the weekend, released on the album " A head full of dreams" 2015. Surfacing in 2000, British group Coldplay quickly became one of the planet’s most popular acts of the 21st century. With more than 75 million copies sold worldwide, Chris Martin and his bandmates have produced timeless classics hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida and A Sky Full Of Stars. Not surprising to put them on the top of our Olympus of Pop Music playlist. Their ever-evolving sound follows in the footsteps of other Brit-pop bands like Radiohead, Oasis and Blur. Coldplay’s music is the perfect mix between acoustic piano and synth sounds. These iconic pop songs will allow you to absorb multiple genres while mastering your skills. Enjoy!

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