Shao Suan LOW


Shao Suan LOW is an award-winning classically-trained pianist, piano collaborator, songwriter and self-taught composer from Singapore. She has performed as soloist numerous times with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and she has released 3 joint-albums of her own compositions and those of her twin sister, Shao Ying LOW. These albums, "Romance in the City", "Music Diaries" and "Summer Vacation" are available on digital music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, KKBox and Deezer. As a chamber musician, Shao Suan has collaborated with prominent musicians from all over the world such as tubist Øystein Baadsvik, trumpeter Joe Burgstaller, and saxophonist Claude Delangle, just to name a few. Her pop songs have been sung by Asian pop singers such as Taiwanese actress-singer, Vivian Hsu, and her chamber music has been performed worldwide. Do visit her website at for more information, and you can connect with her at, Instagram: @ssuan13, and YouTube:

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