The Aquabats!

The Aquabats are a musical ensemble from Huntington Beach, California formed in 1994 known for their humorous lyrics and outrageous live shows, during which the band is often attacked by supervillains onstage. Starting as a parody of the booming third-wave ska scene in Southern California (their first show, reportedly, was played with fourteen members, at least half of which were wielding horns), The Aquabats played third-wave ska with surf guitar sounds and b-movie inspired lyrics. Read more on
Hi-Five Soup!
The Shark Fighter!
The Legend Is True!
Radio Down! (feat. Biz Markie)
Poppin' a Wheelie!
Hey Homies!
In My Dreams!
Just Can't Lose!
All My Money!
Pink Pants! (feat. Strong Bad)
Food Fight on the Moon!
Luck Dragon Lady!
Radio Down!
Radio Down! (feat. Biz Markie)
Best Day of My Life!
Playin' It Cool!
For Your Own Safety!
Stuck in a Movie!
Nerd Alert!
Plastic Lips!
Look at Me, I'm a Winner!
Hot Summer Nights (Won't Last Forever)!
Mechanical Ape!
Demolition Rickshaw!
Awesome Forces!
Yo, Check Out This Ride! EP
Yo, Check Out This Ride!
Todd-1 in Space Mountain Land!
Zero Hour!
Big Sky!
Throw Away the Trash!
Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Volume 2
The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!
The Return of the Aquabats
Martian Girl!
Ska Robot Army!
Idiot Box!
Aquabat March!
CD Repo Man!
It's Crazy, Man!
Pool Party
I Like to Share With My Friends