The Advisory Circle

The Advisory Circle is Jon Brooks (formerly of King of Woolworths), a part of the Ghost Box label. His music reflects the electronic soundtracks of the Public Information Films and Programmes for Schools and Colleges of British 70s TV. Three records have been released so far: the EP Mind How You Go and the full-length CDs Other Channels and As The Crow Flies. An expanded edition of the Mind How You Go CD was released on 3/3/10 on 12" and mp3 download. Read more on
From Out Here
Triadex Logotone
Escape Lane
Upon Oakston
From Out Here
Vibrations and Waves
Triadex Two Five Nine
All Alone in a Green and Pleasant Land
Causeway Ballet
Dexter Logotone
The Blue Energy Programme
Mr Foyster
Discipline Before Data
Mr Foyster Creates a Beach
Jessica Finds the Beach
Winter Hours
Crag Hey
Sine Seeing
Cobol Landing
The Walk Home
As the Crow Flies
Logotone I - Decisions
Now Ends the Beginning
Here! In the Wychwoods
The Patchwork Explains
Everyday Hazards
As the Crow Flies
Innocence Elsewhere
Logotone II - The New Traffic Signs
Modern Through Movement
Learning Owl Reappears
Further Starry Wisdom
We Cleanse This Space
Beyond the Wychelm
Logotone III - Eyes Inside You
Route Along 18 Corners
Wheel of the Year
Unforgotten Path
Lonely Signalman
Mind How You Go (Revised Edition)
Mind How You Go Now
Everyday Science (For Ron Geesin)
And the Cuckoo Comes
Nuclear Substation
Get in the Swim
Nuclear Substation PIF
Mind How You Go
Osprey's Odyssey
And the Cuckoo Comes to Belbury
Other Channels
Callsign "A": The TV Trap
Civil Defence Is Common Sense
Mogadon Coffee Morning
Swinscoe Episode 1: "Enter Swinscoe"
Celebrate Michaelmas NOW!
Fire, Damp & Air
Frozen Ponds PIF
Erosion of Time
A Clear Yarn Warning
Keep Warm, Keep Well
Eyes Which Are Swelling
Hocusing for Beginners
The Coastguard
Swinscoe Episode 2: "Release the Birds"
Farmland, Freeland
Everyday Electronics
The Old Schoolhouse
Callsign "B": Freeland Logotone
Mind How You Go
Mind How You Go
Everyday Science (for Ron Geesin)
And The Cuckoo Comes
Nuclear Substation
Get In The Swim
Nuclear Substation PIF
Warm Air