Autograph was an American glam metal band from Los Angeles, California. Initially active from 1983 to 1989, the band was reformed by their founder Steve Plunkett for a single album, released in 2003, and has been inactive since. They're best known for their 1984 hit "Turn up the Radio", with a music video that was a regular staple on MTV. They formed in 1983 with vocalist/guitarist Steve Plunkett joining up with guitarist Steve Lynch, bassist Randy Rand, keyboard player Steven Isham, and drummer Keni Richards. Read more on
Break a Sweat
Shake the Tree
She's the Reason
Fed Up With Bein' Down
Party Like We Did
Like It Hot
Heart Raper
Can't Stop Rockin'
That's the Stuff
That's the Stuff
Take No Prisoners
Blondes in Black Cars
You'll Get Over It
Crazy World
Six String Fever
Changing Hands
Built for Speed
Paint This Town