Authority Zero

Authority Zero is a punk rock band from Mesa, Arizona . Authority Zero was started in 1994. The band has punk rock and reggae influences, with Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Sublime as heavy influences for the band. There is also an obvious Spanish/Portuguese influence in the band's music. The band's latest album, entitled The Tipping Point was released on April 2nd 2013. The band toured with Rehab on the "Lack of Luxury" 2007 tour. This album is the final one featuring Jeremy Wood on bass Read more on
The Tipping Point
No Other Place
For The Kids
Lift One Up
On The Brink
Today We Heard The News
The Tipping Point
Shakedown In Juarez
Endless Roads
21st Century Breakout
What's the Big Deal
A Passage in Time
Intro: "Papa"
A Passage in Time
Lying Awake
Sky's the Limit
Some People
Mesa Town
La Surf
Over Seasons
Good Ol' Days
Not You
Live Your Life
Open Eyes
Good Ol' Days
Super Bitch
Why Ask
Mesa Town
L.A. Surf