At the Gates

At the Gates is a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, and a major progenitor of the Gothenburg death metal sound. Initially active from 1990 to 1996, the band reformed in 2007 for a reunion tour. At the Gates was formed in 1990 by former members of the pioneering death metal band Grotesque. They recorded a debut EP, Gardens of Grief, for the Dolores record label, and sold cassettes, vinyls, and XL t-shirts to promote the recording. Read more on
At War With Reality
El altar del Dios desconocido
Death and the Labyrinth
At War with Reality
Heroes and Tombs
Order From Chaos
The Book of Sand (The Abomination)
The Head of the Hydra
City of Mirrors
Eater of Gods
Upon Pillars of Dust
Slaughter of the Soul
The Flames of the End
Gardens of Grief
Souls of the Evil Departed
At the Gates
All Life Ends
City of Screaming Statues