There are 5 different bands with the name ARKANGEL: 1) Arkangel, Brussels,Belgium (1997-present) : Even if the band exists for 16 years now, it seems to be the beginning of a long and immortal decade, of total war against all, through music and lyrics... With a first MCD "Prayers upon deaf ears" (release on RPP 1998) and a full CD "Dead man Walking" (release on GLR 1999). Arkangel have gained popularity in Europe, The United States and many other countries. Read more on
Arkangel Is Your Enemy
Damned Forever
Enduring Violence
Slow but Heavy
13th Hour
I Believe in Danger
Ugly It Is
Killing to Keep the World Turning
On the Blacklist... / [untitled]
Prayers Upon Deaf Ears
Within The Walls Of Babylon
One Standard, One Ethic
Built Upon The Graves
In The Embrace Of Truth
Day Of The Apocalypse
Hope You Die by Overdose
You Had to Go (25.8.03)
Annihilating Your Peace
Let Your Unloved Parts Get Known
How We See the World
Fallen Angels We Are
The Little People
Joe Loves Junk
Barpath 777
Who's Time Has Come
Hope You Die by Overdose