Anouk (Anouk Teeuwe, born April 8th, 1975 in Den Haag, Netherlands), is a multi platinum selling and multi award winning Dutch singer. Anouk Teeuwe Biography: She initially sang at weddings and parties with the band Shotgun Wedding, prior to meeting Barry Hay of Golden Earring, a friend of her ex-husband Edwin Jansen. Hay believed Anouk to have talent, and offered to write her some songs, one of which was her 1996 debut single Mood Indigo; written in collaboration with George Kooymans (also from the Golden Earring). Read more on
Fake It Till We Die
There He Goes
I Just Met a Man
Blue Motel
Waste Your Water
Take It Slow
Fake It Till I Die
Long Way
Brothers & Sisters
My Man
Down Daddy Down
Queen for a Day
Run Away Together
Not a Lovesong
New Day
If I Knew
Dirty Girl
Be My Baby
Wanna Little Something
Keeps Getting Better
Castles in the Air
We Are
Right on Time
Paradise and Back Again
Cold Blackhearted Golddiggers
She Is Beautiful
Don't Wipe Us Out
Looking for Love
Last Goodbye
Some of Us
Smile & Shine
Wish He Could See It All
You & I
Feet on the Ground
Sad Singalong Songs
The Rules
The Good Life
Are You Lonely
Only a Mother
I Don’t Know Nothing
The Black Side Of My Mind
To Get Her Together
To Get Her Together
Ms. Crazy
Save Me
Any Younger
I'm a Cliché
Down & Dirty
Little Did I Know
Better Off Alone
Been Here Before
For Bitter or Worse
In This World
Lay It Down
8 Years
My Shoes
Walk to the Bay
Hold On
Faith in My Moon
Hotel New York
Jerusalem (live & acoustic)
Heaven Knows
Alright (live & acoustic)
More Than You Deserve
Lost (live & acoustic)
Falling Sun (live & acoustic)
Girl (live & acoustic)
Nobody's Wife (live & acoustic)
Our Own Love
I Spy
Lost Tracks
Break Down the Wall (original version)
Love (acoustic version for Radio 3FM)
Don't (remix)
Sacrifice (string version)
Home Is in My Head
Redemption (feat. The Anonymous)
I Alone (2 Meter Sessie)
Nobody's Wife (reggae version) (2 Meter Sessie)
Lovin' Whiskey (live)
Last Time
It's So Hard (2 Meter Sessie)
Break Down the Wall (acoustic version for Veronica FM)
Don't (acoustic version)
In the Sand (DAT recorder version)
R U Kiddin' Me (DAT recorder version)