Animotion is a 80's New Wave/synthpop band best known for their songs Obsession (originally recorded and written by Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight of Device), Let Him Go, I Engineer and Room To Move. Formed in Los Angeles, United States in 1983 by Astrid Plane from the remnants of a retro science-fiction band called Red Zone, they signed a record deal with Polygram Records in 1984 and made three albums: Animotion, Strange Behavior and Animotion [1989]. Read more on
Room to Move
Calling It Love
Ground Zero
Message of Love
Send It Over
Do Like I Do
Best Mistake
House of Love
The Way Into Your Heart
Room to Move (reprise)
Strange Behavior
I Want You
Strange Behavior
Stealing Time
Out of Control
The Essence
One Step Ahead
Staring Down the Demons
Let Him Go
Everything's Leading to You
Turn Around
Fun Fun Fun
Holding You
Run to Me
Open Door
The Language of Attraction