Angelo Badalamenti

Angelo Badalamenti (born March 22, 1937) is an American composer for film and television, best known for his hauntingly atmospheric work with filmmaker David Lynch, whose collaborations include Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Soundtrack Awards in 2008. Angelo Badalamenti was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States to an Italian family. He began taking piano lessons at age eight and spent much of his childhood listening to opera and classical music. Read more on
Stalingrad Theme
Stalingrad Overture (Universal Theme)
Desperate Search for Masha
Kahn's Theme
Katya's Theme
Men of Fire
Execution and Attack
Sergei's Triumph
Russian Ambush
The Rules of Warfare
Lovers Steal Away
The Panzer Attack
Masha and Kahn
Tragic Killing
Childhood Memories (Katya's Theme Reprise)
Goodbye Brothers / Stalingrad Finale
Stalingrad Theme for String Orchestra
Tough Guys Don't Dance
Main Title
Beware Ye Pilgrims
Lonely Madden
Cacophonic Bugs
Renaissance Prince
Infinity City
Swirling Confusion
Fearful Flutter
Beautiful Madeleine
A Thousand Locusts
Nervous Disturbance
Sinister Clown
From Cheers To Love
Elegy For Wardley
Loving Emotions
Bloody Jacket
Car Crash / Patty Kills Jessica
Regency's Stroke
Wardley's Exit
Pomp and Circumstance
Abduction (Unused)
Two Heads Fight
Real Man (Instrumental)
You'll Come Back (You Always Do)
Real Man
The Twin Peaks Archive
Deer Meadow Shuffle
Deer Meadow Shuffle (Film version)
Just You (instrumental Baritone Guitar)
Twin Peaks Theme (alternate version)
Annie and Cooper
Nightsea Wind
Freshly Squeezed (Bass Clarinet)
Twin Peaks Theme (Harp and Guitar)
Twin Peaks Theme (Nostalgia version)
Twin Peaks Theme (Solo Rhodes)
Mysterioso #1
Mysterioso #1 (Film version)
Mysterioso #2
Mysterioso #2 (Film version)
Love Theme (alternate version)
Love Theme (Solo Rhodes)
James Hurley (Americana)
Mister Snooty
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz version)
Picking on Country
I'm Hurt Bad (Industrial Symphony No. 1 version)
Western Ballad
Preparing for M.T. Wentz
Secret Country
Dark Mood Woods (full version)
RR Swing
Great Northern Piano Tune #1
Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Josie and Truman)
Great Northern Piano Tune #3
Twin Peaks Theme (Solo piano)
Girl Talk
Birds in Hell
Audrey's Prayer (Clarinet & Synth)
Audrey's Prayer (Synth version)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Vibraphone)
The Norwegians
Sneaky Audrey
Miss Twin Peaks (piano rehearsal)
Miss Twin Peaks Theme
Lucy's Dance
Lana's Dance
Miss Twin Peaks (Finale)
Sycamore Trees (instrumental)
South Sea Dreams
Hula Hoppin'
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano and Rhodes)
Owl Cave
Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music / Danger Theme)
Half Speed Orchestra 2 (Dark Forces)
Half Speed Orchestra 3 (Windom Earle's Motif)
Slow Speed Orchestra 1 (24 Hours)
Slow Speed Orchestra 2 (Unease Motif / The Woods)
Slow Speed Orchestra 3 (Black Lodge Rumble)
James Visits Laura
Harold's Theme (Josie's Past)
Harold's Theme (The Living Novel)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Ethereal Pad version)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Ghost version)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Guardian Angel version)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Sax)
Solo Percussion 1
Solo Percussion 2 (Grady's Waltz)
Solo Percussion 3
Audrey's Dance (Percussion & Clarinets)
Northwest Gulch
Dance of the Dream Man (Drums and Bass)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Bass)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Clarinet)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Clarinet 2)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Flute)
Just You (instrumental)
The Bookhouse Boys
The Bookhouse Boys (Solo Guitar)
Earle's Theme
Half Speed Orchestra 5 (Leo's Theme)
Hank's Theme
Hank's Theme (version 2)
Invitation to Love (Lover's Dilemma)
Invitation to Love Theme (Bumper)
Invitation to Love Theme
Lana's Theme
Horne's Theme
Wheeler's Theme
Freshly Squeezed (Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (complete version)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Solo Bass)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz version 2)
Freshly Squeezed (Flute)
Freshly Squeezed (Mid-Tempo version)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Bass Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Flute)
Josie and Jonathan (The Mill Deal)
The Mill Deal
The Mill Fire
Back to Fat Trout (Unease Motif / The Woods)
Behind the Mask
Circumference of a Circle
It's Your Father
Jacque's Cabin / The Train Car
Laura Visits Harold
Phillip Jefferies
Teresa's Autopsy
Fire Walk With Me (Saxophone)
Wash Your Hands
Dark Mood Woods (studio version)
One Eyed Jack's Parlour Music
Twin Peaks Christmas Greeting
Dance of the Dream Man (Fast Soprano Clarinet)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Baritone Guitar Punctuation)
Leo Returns
Laura Palmer's Theme (Caroline)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Clarinet Bridge)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Clarinet Strings Bridge)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Dark Synth)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Letter From Harold #2)
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano a) TK1
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano a) TK2
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano a) TK3
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano a) TK4
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano B) TK1
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano B) TK2
Laura Palmer's Theme (piano Bridge)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Solo piano)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Vibraphone)
Abstract Mood
Abstract Mood (Slow Speed)
Slow Speed Orchestra 4 (White Lodge Rumble)
Audrey's Prayer (Flute)
Harold's Theme (Harpsichord)
Audrey's Dance (clean Fast)
Audrey's Dance (clean)
Audrey's Dance (Drums and Bass)
Audrey's Dance (Solo Rhodes)
Audrey's Dance (Synth and Vibraphone)
Audrey's Dance / Dance of the Dream Man (Clarinet)
Audrey's Dance / Dance of the Dream Man (Flute)
Audrey's Dance / Dance of the Dream Man (Saxophone)
Sneaky Audrey (alternate)
Sneaky Audrey (Audrey's Investigation)
Sneaky Audrey (Solo)
One Armed Man Theme (Solo Clarinet Improvisation)
Attack of the Pine Weasel
Great Northern Big Band
Great Northern Piano Tune #4
Wedding Hymn
Wedding Song #1
Wedding Song #2 ("Stranger Nights")
Wedding Song #3 (Accordian)
Twin Peaks Theme (Harp)
Ben's Battle
Ben's Battle (Solo Flute)
Ben's Battle (Solo Percussion)
Ben's Battle (Solo Trumpet)
Ben's Lament
The Culmination
Half Speed Orchestra 4 (Dugpas)
Half Speed Orchestra 6 (Bob's dance / Back to Missuola)
Half Speed Orchestra 7
Laura's Dark Boogie (clean)
The Red Room
Distant Train
Love Theme (Dark)
James & Evelyn
James & Evelyn (Trail mix)
La Speranza
Evelyn's Mourning
Evelyn's Mourning (extended)
Dark Intro #1
Dark Intro #2
Dark Intro #3
Dark Intro #4
Dark Intro #5
Dark Intro #6
Packard's Theme
The Mill Durge
The Pink Room (extended version)
Llama Country
One Eyed Jack's Country
Dick Tremayne's Swing
Jean Renault's Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet)
Earle's Theme (Audrey's Walk)
'Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made of'
Leo Attacks Bobby
Audrey (TV version)
Dance of the Dream Man (original)
Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (full version)
Half Heart (Solo)
One Armed Man's Theme & Jean Renault's Theme (TV mix)
Voice of Love (Slow)
Log Lady Presence
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz version 2 clean)
Love Theme (Light)
Solo Percussion 4
Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals)
Wheeler's Theme (TK 2)
You Killed Mike
Chinese Theme (demo)
Falling Into Love Theme (demo)
Love Theme From "On the Air" (Clarinet Strings)
Love Theme From "On the Air" (Slow Jazz version)
Love Theme From "On the Air" (take 4)
Love Theme Light (demo)
Love Theme Slower and Darker (demo)
Love Theme to Falling (demo)
Low Wide and Beautiful (demo)
Night Walk (demo)
Questions in a World of Blue (demo)
Slow Cool Jazz (demo)
Wide Vibrato Augmented Chords (demo)
Wide Vibrato Mood to Falling (demo)
44 Inch Chest
Empty Streets
Lover Boy Abstract
The Kidnap
Colin's Dream
Theme for Colin
Clayton's Cocktails
Kitchen Chat
Plea for Life
The Bedroom
Run From Reality
I've Met Someone Else
Meredith's Apartment
Through the Window
44 Inch Chest
The Edge of Love
Lovers Lie Abed
Overture / Blue Tahitian Moon
Underground Shelter
Hang Out the Stars in Indiana
After the Bombing / Hang Out the Stars in Indiana
A Stranger Has Come
Fire to the Stars
Careless Talk
Careless Love
Love Me
Careless Talk
Drifting and Dreaming
Home Movies
Under Fire
Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much
Vera Begs Dylan
Vera's Theme
Holding Rowatt
Careless Love
Caitlin's Theme
Twin Peaks: Season Two Music and More
Love Theme Intro
New Shoes
High School Swing
Hayward Boogie
Blue Frank
Audrey's Prayer
I'm Hurt Bad
Cop Beat
Harold's Theme
Night Bells
Just You
Drug Deal Blues
Josie and Truman
Hook Rug Dance
Packards' Vibration
Half Heart
Laura's Dark Boogie
Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
Love Theme Farewell
The Wicker Man
Overture for the Wicker Man
Cycling Into a Nightmare
Flight to Summer's Isle
Secret Meeting Note
The Barn
The Rose and The Daydream
Image of Rowan
Sister Summer's Isle
Kiss of Bees
Flashback Memories
Trapped in Water
Endless Pursuit
The Confrontation
The Burning
Dark Water
Seattle, 1974
The Tram (Main title)
Ceci Wanders
The Drip Stain
Deluge in 10F
Mom From Hell
A Ghost in the Machine
New Nightmare
Hello Again Kitty
The Water Tower
The Sacrifice
Final Elevator
End Credits
Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit
Main Title
Santa Monica
Say Goodbye
Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)
New York City
No Way Out
Under Control
No Surprise
Do Something Now
Love T.K.O.
Better Now?
Street Tough
Hang It Up
Carla's Main Theme
Try It Again
Let It Crawl
The Witness
It's Time to Leave / Lucas' Nightmare
Just an Illusion
No Good Man
Lucas' Main Theme
And Now...
Sandpaper Kisses
Marcus Calls
In the Park
Talking to Marcus
Chapters End
Lucas at Work
Visions of Aggression
Escape or Fight
Something Useful
No Time to Lose
Point of View
Face to Face
Fighting the Oracle
Un long dimanche de fiançailles
Main Title / The Trenches
First Love Touch
Heartbeat to a Gunshot
Mathilde's Theme
Secret Code
Elodies's Theme
Kissing Through Glass
Massage Fantasy
Never Had the Child
The Man From Corsica
Our Soldiers' Letters
Why Do You Cry?
End Titles
Angels Go to Heaven
Evilenko's Dark Fairy Tale
Inside the Lion's Mouth
Vadim's Neverending Quest
The Woodstrip / There's No Way Out
Holocaust of the Children
Theme From Evilenko
Please Don't Look Into His Eyes
Russian Folk Prayer
The End of a Madman
Angels Go to Heaven (Full mix)
Cabin Fever
"Lit Him on Fire"
Wastin’ Time
"Party Man"
Walkin’, Workin’, Lovin’, Laughin’
Main Title / Infectious Dog
Dennis Bites
The Nougat?
Paul and Karen / Good Kisser
Burn the Hermit
What to Do
Karen Sips / The Hog Lady
Deputy Winston
Red Love / Virus Check
Karen Falls Apart
Marcy & Paul Screw
Pancakes / Runnin’ From Rednecks
The Reservoir / Leg Shaving
Die, Redneck Die
Grim’s Cave
Party Crasher
The Party Ain’t Over
Jeff Makes It
Comin to a Town Near You
"I Made It"
Swing Low
Hermit's Lair
Hunting With Bert
Red Love (extended)
Main Title Montage
Fearing Exposure
The Adversary
House of Silence
Riding in Solitude
Casting Shadows
Sacrificing Reality
Invisible Violence
Mistress Marianne
Dark Humanity
Double Life
Sinking in a Mistery
I'm Your Man
Main Title
Feelin' Free
Snow Dome Dreams
Bathing Blossom
Seeing Scars
Loving to Obey
Office Obligations
The Loving Tree
Secretary's Secrets
Chariots Rise
Mulholland Dr.
Mulholland Drive
Rita Walks / Sunset Boulevard / Aunt Ruth
Mr. Roque / Betty's Theme
The Beast
Bring It on Home
I've Told Every Little Star
Dwarfland / Love Theme
Llorando (Crying)
Pretty 50s
Go Get Some
Diane and Camilla
Dinner Party Pool Music
Mountains Falling
Mulholland Drive / Love Theme
The Beach
Bizarre City
The Beach Theme (Swim to Island)
Vision of Fantasy
Mournful Myth
Killing Fields
Blue Sex
The Beach Theme (Mythical Waters)
Daffy's Zone
Mystery of Christo
Pure Victims
Pursuit of a Shark
Waterfall Cascade
Arlington Road
Bloody Boy / Neon reprise
Old Newspapers
Lament for Leah
It's Something Personal
The Party
He Repeats, He Repeats
Discover Troops
Into the Cage
The Yearbook
Copper Creek
The Truth Is Out There
The Study
What Message
Last Day
Stoplight Flight
The Bomb
Leah's Theme
Holy Smoke
Holly Holy
Betrayal of Ruth
Love Journey
Kiss All Around It
Waiting, Reaching, Seeking
Waltz in the Desert
Snappy Lipstick
I Put a Spell on You
The Celebration
Montage Finale
Maya, Mayi, Ma'
The Straight Story
Laurens, Iowa
Rose's Theme
Laurens Walking
Alvin's Theme
Final Miles
Country Waltz
Rose's Theme (variation)
Country Theme
Farmland Tour
The City of Lost Children
Générique: Marcello / Who Will Take My Dreams Away? / Thème de La Cité des Enfants Perdus
L'Anniversaire d'Irwin
Les Enfants sauvent One
Mort de la pieuvre
Le prince de l'opium
Le Ra...radiateur
La Clé de la victoire
Dream Journey
Les puces
La Foire
Cerises pour un dîner à deux
Thème - La Cité des Enfants Perdus
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Theme From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
The Pine Float
Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)
A Real Indication
Questions in a World of Blue
The Pink Room
The Black Dog Runs at Night
Best Friends
Moving Through Time
Montage From Twin Peaks: Girl Talk / Birds in Hell / Laura Palmer's Theme / Falling
The Voice of Love
The Comfort of Strangers
Theme from 'The Comfort of Strangers' (Main Title)
Roberto's Arabesque
Getting Lost
Days of Passion
Turkish Undertones
Pleasure Dome
The River Styx
The Other Side of the Mirror
Theme from 'The Comfort of Strangers' (End Title)
Maria's Theme
Adulterer's Blues
Love Theme From Cousins
Adulterer's Blues Two
Cousins Waltz
Montage (Maria's Theme)
Love Theme From Cousins (Piano Solo)
Adulterer's Blues (Jazz Quintet)
Classical Restaurant
I Love You Today
Love Theme From Cousins (Finale)
Cousins Waltz (Credits)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Puppet Walk
Save the Children
Taryn's Deepest Fear
Deceptive Romance
Snake Attack
Magic Butterfly
The Embrace
Quiet Room / Wheelchair / Icy Bones
Rumbling Room
The Dream House
Is Freddy Gone? / Trouble Starting / Prime Time TV / Icy Window
Grave Walk
Nursery Theme
Light's Out
Blue Velvet
Main Title
Night Streets / Sandy and Jeffrey
Jeffrey's Dark Side
Mysteries of Love (French Horn Solo)
Frank Returns
Mysteries of Love (instrumental)
Blue Velvet / Blue Star
Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down to Lincoln
Akron Meets the Blues
Honky Tonk, Part 1
In Dreams
Love Letters
Mysteries of Love