Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. was born Andrew Wilkes-Krier in Stanford, California in 1979, before moving to Michigan at age 4. He began piano lessons promptly at age 5, studying at The University Of Michigan School Of Music Pedagogy program. By his early teens Andrew had already exhibited great enthusiasm and talent for both music and the visual arts. He spent his high school years playing drums and keyboard in an almost endless variety of short-lived, but passionate groups, all centered in southeast Michigan's explosive cultural scene. Read more on
The "Party All Goddamn Night" EP
Party All Goddamn Night
Everybody's Raging
I Sold My Soul
Head Bang
I'm a Vagabond
We're All Women
I Was Born to Love You
Gundam Rock
TV Series (Opening Narration)
Gundam on the Earth
Fly, Gundam
Char the Great
Here Comes Char
Star Children
The Cross of Sand
Eye Catch
Soldiers of Sorrow
Peace for a Moment
Alone in the Wind
Fear to Fight
Amuro Forever
Garma Zabi's Funeral Speech by Gihren Zabi
55 Cadillac
Begin the Engine
Seeing the Car
Night Driver
Central Park Cruiser
City Time
Car Nightmare
A Wild Pear
The Bombs in My Pants!
Oh non
Oh Canaduh
Nardwuar vs. Andrew W.K.
Don’t Sell Hot Dogs Tonight
The Japan Covers
リンダ リンダ
小さな恋のうた(Little Love Song)
哀 戦士
Close Calls With Brick Walls
I Came for You
Close Calls With Bal Harbour
Not Going to Bed
You Will Remember Tonight
Pushing Drugs
Hand on the Place
One Brother
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dr. Dumont
I Want to See You Go Wild
When I'm High
Golden Eyed Dog
Into the Clear
Mark My Grace
Don't Call Me Andy
The Background
Slam John Against a Brick Wall
The Moving Room
The Wolf
Victory Strikes Again
Long Live the Party
Tear It Up
Free Jumps
Never Let Down
Your Rules
The Song
Make Sex
Totally Stupid
Really in Love
The End of Our Lives
I Love Music
Girls Own Juice
Don't Ever Stop the Noise
Music or Die
Make Sex
Party Til You Puke
Party Til You Puke
Party Til You Puke (remix)
Party Til You Puke (Shout Out mix)
Dance Party (Anti Never Ending Music mix)
I Want to Kill (Build It Up mix)
Old Man