Andreas Johnson

Andreas Johnson (born March 22, 1970 in Lund, Sweden) is a Swedish pop musician and songwriter. Born in Lund in the south of Sweden his family moved around the country, finally settling in a Stockholm suburb. In 1993, He started his musical career as the singer in Planet Waves, a group which released only one album, Brutal Awakenings before splitting up due to internal conflicts. He then turned to a solo career, releasing the debut solo album Cottonfish Tales. Read more on

Partitions les plus populaires

It Don't Mean a Thing
Route 66
Do You Wanna Dance
Glorious (Big Band)
Night and Day
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Night Stood Still
Sign Your Name
Girl in Love
Mr Johnson, Your Room Is on Fire
Fools Like Us
Show Me Love
Sunshine of Mine
Life Is
How Big Is America
Drop in the Ocean
Not Afraid
Exit NY
What If
Nobody Told Me (Such a Fool)
Still My World
Deadly Happy
End of the World
The Greatest Day
Brand New Thing
Spirit of You
Great Undying Love
Deadly Happy
The Pretty Ones
This Time
Make Me Beautiful
My Love (Song for a Butterfly)