Anata is a technical death metal band formed in Varberg, Sweden in 1993 by Robert Petersson (drums), Fredrik Schälin (lead guitar, vocals), Mattias Svensson (guitar) and Martin Sjöstrand (bass). Anata's penchant for penning unrelenting death metal with a razor-sharp sense of melody has always been an inherent trait in their songwriting. As the band grew as musicians and songwriters, the music shifted into a darker, more death metal direction. Performing live with Dissection Read more on
Dreams of Death and Dismay
Die Laughing
Faith, Hope, Self-Deception
God of Death
Metamorphosis by the Well of Truth
Can't Kill What's Already Dead
The Enigma of Number Three
Drain of Blood
The Temple / Erratic
War, Volume II
Let Me Become Your Fallen Messiah
With Me You Shall Fall
Day of Suffering (Morbid Angel cover)
The Tranquillity of My Last Breath (Bethzaida cover)
Last Day of Sodom
Fredmans Epistel Nr. 30: Drick Ur Ditt Glas (Bellman cover)
Under Azure Skies (Anata cover)
The Infernal Depths of Hatred