Amorphis is a Finnish progressive/melodic metal band, and formerly death/doom band started by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen in Helsinki, Finland in 1990. Amorphis absorbed and incorporated influences from many metal genres, and with time passing their sound evolved dramatically. Initially, the band was a Death Metal act, but with time they have evolved into making music that is more classifiable as Doom Metal with folk influences Read more on
Under the Red Cloud
Under the Red Cloud
The Four Wise Ones
Bad Blood
The Skull
Death of a King
Dark Path
Enemy at the Gates
Tree of Ages
White Night
Far From the Sun
Planetary Misfortune
Evil Inside
Mourning Soil
Far From the Sun
Ethereal Solitude
Killing Goodness
Higher Ground
Am Universum
Goddess (of the Sad Man)
The Night Is Over
Crimson Wave
Drifting Memories
Forever More
Veil of Sin
Captured State
Grieve Stricken Heart
My Kantele
My Kantele (acoustic reprise)
The Brother-Slayer
The Lost Son (The Brother-Slayer, Part II)
And I Hear You Call
Privilege of Evil
Pilgrimage From Darkness
Privilege of Evil
Misery Path
Vulgar Necrolatry
Excursing From Existence