Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio are a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Matt Skiba (guitar/vocals), Dan Andriano (bass/vocals), and Derek Grant (drums/backing vocals). Their music is characterized by dark lyrics, catchy hooks, fast tempos and recurring subjects of alcoholism, depression, shattered relationships, drugs and death. The band formed in December of 1996, originally consisting of Skiba, Rob Doran (bass/vocals), and Glenn Porter (drums/vocals). Read more on
Time to Waste (demo)
The Poison (demo)
Burn (Matt's Home demo)
Mercy Me
Dethbed (demo)
Settle for Satin (demo)
Sadie (acoustic)
Fall Victim (demo)
I Was a Prayer (acoustic)
Prevent This Tragedy (demo)
Back to Hell (Matt's Home demo)
Your Neck (demo)
Smoke (demo)
BYO Split Series, Volume V
Fine Without You
Hating Every Minute
Dead and Broken
Wait for the Blackout
The T.V. Song
The Hemophiliac
All the Way
The Radio Airwaves Gave Me a Lobotomy
I.F.H.A. (One Love)
Let's Call it an Evening
Halloween EP
Children in Heat
Wait for the Blackout (BBC session)
Good Mourning
From Here to Infirmary
Bloodied Up
I Lied My Face Off
Goodbye Forever
This Is Getting Over You
I Lied My Face Off
For Your Lungs Only
Snake Oil Tanker
Southern Rock
Cooking Wine
For Your Lungs Only