Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier, February 4, 1948) is an American rock singer, songwriter, and musician whose career spans five decades. With a stage show that features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, and baby dolls, he is considered by fans and peers alike to be "The Godfather of Shock Rock"; Cooper has drawn equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock to pioneer a grandly theatrical and macabre brand of rock designed to shock. Read more on
Along Came a Spider
Prologue / I Know Where You Live
Vengeance Is Mine
Wake the Dead
Catch Me If You Can
(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side
Wrapped in Silk
I'm Hungry
The One That Got Away
Dirty Diamonds
Woman of Mass Distraction
You Make Me Wanna
Dirty Diamonds
Pretty Ballerina
Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)
Zombie Dance
Steal That Car
Run Down the Devil
Your Own Worst Enemy
Stand (feat. Xzibit)
The Eyes of Alice Cooper
What Do You Want From Me?
Between High School & Old School
Man of the Year
Bye Bye, Baby
Detroit City
Spirits Rebellious
This House Is Haunted
Love Should Never Feel Like This
I'm So Angry
Backyard Brawl
Sex, Death and Money
Fantasy Man
Somewhere in the Jungle
Sister Sara
I Just Wanna Be God
It's Much Too Late
The Sentinel
He's Back
He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
Time to Kill
Prince of Darkness
Thrill My Gorilla
Teenage Frankenstein
Chop, Chop, Chop
Lock Me Up
Trick Bag
Step on You
The Great American Success Story
Give It Up
Roses on White Lace
The World Needs Guts
Not that Kind of Love
The Last Temptation
Nothing's Free
Bad Place Alone
You're My Temptation
Unholy War
It's Me
Cleansed by Fire
Raise Your Fist and Yell
Lock Me Up
Give the Radio Back
Step on You
Not that Kind of Love
Prince of Darkness
Time to Kill
Chop, Chop, Chop
Roses on White Lace
Enough's Enough
No Man's Land
Scarlet and Sheba
I Love America
Fresh Blood
Zipper Catches Skin
Zorro's Ascent
Make That Money (Scrooge's Song)
I Am the Future
No Baloney Homosapiens
Adaptable (Anything for You)
I Like Girls
Remarkably Insincere
Tag, You're It
I Better Be Good
I'm Alive (That Was the Day My Dead Pet Returned to Save My Life)
Special Forces
Who Do You Think We Are
Seven & Seven Is
Prettiest Cop on the Block
Don't Talk Old to Me
Generation Landslide '81 (live)
Skeletons in the Closet
You Want It, You Got It
You're a Movie
Vicious Rumours
Lace and Whiskey
It's Hot Tonight
Lace and Whiskey
Road Rats
Damned If You Do
King of the Silver Screen
Ubangi Stomp
(No More) Love at Your Convenience
I Never Wrote Those Songs
My God
Muscle of Love
Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)
Never Been Sold Before
Hard Hearted Alice
Crazy Little Child
Working Up a Sweat
Man With the Golden Gun
Teenage Lament '74
Woman Machine
School’s Out
School’s Out
Luney Tune
Gutter Cat vs. The Jets
Street Fight
Blue Turk
My Stars
Public Animal #9
Grande Finale