Alexisonfire (pronounced 'alexis-on-fire') was a band from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Their music was characterized by turbulent and explosive dynamics with intricate guitar melodies. Consisting of five friends, they formed in late 2001 as the result of a three-band break up. In August 2011, it was announced on their website that they had broken up as members expressed interests in other projects. The band’s name is inspired by a lactating contortionist stripper named Alexis Fire. Read more on
Math Sheet Demos
The Philisophical Significance of Shooting My Sister in the Face: An Essay By James Secord
Counterparts and Number Them
Little Girls Pointing and Laughing
Death Letter
Born and Raised
Midnight Regulations
You Burn First
Accept Crime
Happiness by the Killowatt
iTunes Originals
Expectations (Interview)
Don't Need to Do Anything to It (Interview)
You Burn First (iTunes Originals Version)
Australia (Interview)
Heading for the Sun
Worthless to Your Employer (Interview)
Boiled Frogs (iTunes Originals Version)
Rest When It's Over (Interview)
Midnight Regulations
That Was Our Meticulous Plan (Interview)
Waterwings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas) [iTunes Originals Version]
The Process (Interview)
Young Cardinals
Reaching a Point of Cliche (Interview)
This Could Be Anywhere In the World (iTunes Originals Version)
Battered By the Blues (Interview)
Accept Crime
We've Always Been Music Geeks (Interview)
Born and Raised
Here's a Part, Here's a Part, Here's a Part (Interview)
No Transitory (iTunes Originals Version)
Looking At an Old Photo (Interview)
Happiness By the Kilowatt (iTunes Originals Version)
Dog's Blood
Dog's Blood
Black as Jet
Australian Weekend EP
The Northern (acoustic) (Triple J radio)
I'm Stranded (acoustic) (Triple J radio)
Old Crows (live @ Soundwave)
Young Cardinals (live @ Soundwave)
This Could Be Anywhere in the World (live @ Soundwave)
The Switcheroo Series: Alexisonfire vs. .moneen.
Accidents Are on Purpose
Tonight, I Am Going to Wash the Hippy
Sharks in Danger
Bleed & Blister (version two)
Charlie Sheen vs. Henry Rollins