a-ha is a Norwegian new wave band. The trio, composed of lead vocalist Morten Harket, guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and keyboardist Magne Furuholmen, formed in 1982 and left Oslo, Norway for London in order to make a career in the music business. The origin of the name a-ha comes from the lyric of an early song. After checking dictionaries in several languages, they found out that 'a-ha' was an international way of expressing recognition, with positive connotations. It was short, a-ha was easy to say and somewhat unusual. Read more on Last.fm
Cast in Steel
Cast in Steel
The End of the Affair
Under the Makeup
Mother Nature Goes to Heaven (original version)
The Wake
Nothing Is Keeping You Here (original version)
Forest Fire
Shadowside (demo version)
Objects in the Mirror
Start the Simulator (stereophonic mix)
Door Ajar
Foot of the Mountain (Mark Saunders remix)
Living at the End of the World
She’s Humming a Tune
Shadow Endeavors
Giving Up the Ghost
Goodbye Thompson
Single Remixes
Minor Earth Major Sky (Niven's radio edit)
Minor Earth Major Sky (Millenia Nova remix)
Minor Earth Major Sky (early version)
Velvet (de Phazz mix)
Velvet (Millenia Nova remix)
Velvet (New York City mix)
Shapes That Go Together
Road Club
The Blood That Moves The Body (extended version)
Take on Me (extended version)
Stay on these Roads (extended version)
Hunting High and Low (extended remix)
Soft Rains of April (original mix)
Scoundrel Club (EP)
Cry Wolf (extended version)
We're Looking for the Whales (live version)
I've Been Losing You (dub)
Manhattan Skyline (extended remix)
Hunting High and Low (extended remix)
45 R.P.M. Club
The Sun Always Shines on T.V. (extended version)
Take on Me (extended version)
The Sun Always Shines on T.V. (instrumental)