Agathodaimon is a Melodic Black Metal band from Germany - formed in 1995. They have ever since been credible for parts of the underground Gothic movement in Germany along with bands such as Ancient Ceremony and Dorn. They have a strong influence from Dark Wave piano and a finesse of superior double bass accenting, utilization of variational power chord mixtures between two guitars, Gothic-influenced female vocals and evil, ghost whispers from Sathonys. Read more on
In Darkness
In Darkness (We Shall Be Reborn)
I've Risen
Favourite Sin
Oceans of Black
Somewhere, Somewhen
Dusk of an Infinite Shade
Höllenfahrt der Selbsterkenntnis
Adio (acoustic version)
Devil’s Deal
Ground Zero
Ghost of a Soul
Time Is the Fire
To Our Ashes
Amongst the Vultures
Oncoming Storm
Throughout the Fields of Unshaded Grace
Grey Whisper
Serpent’s Embrace
Cellos for the Insatiable
Serpent’s Embrace
Light Reborn
Faded Years
Limbs of a Stare
The Darkness Inside
Bitter End
Higher Art of Rebellion
Ne cheamă pămîntul
Tongue of Thorns
Glasul artei viitoare
When She Is Mute
A Death in Its Plenitude
Body of Clay
Novus ordo seclorum
Back Into the Shadows
Les posédes
Heaven’s Coffin
Ribbons/Requiem ’99
Body of Clay (remixed version)