Adrian Legg

Talented fingerstyle guitarist. Born May 16, 1948, in London, England; Addresses: Home--London, England He can play many, many different genres of finger style and plectrum guitar. Impossible to categorize as a player, Adrian Legg incorporates virtually every genre on his guitar in a virtuosic instrumental style with effects. He brought electric approaches to acoustic playing, creating a modern cross-over amalgamation in the tradition of eclectic folk playing that goes back to the 1960s." Read more on
Guitar Bones
Uncle Adrian
Jam Tomorrow
La-Giga Anziana
The One Eyed Turk
O'Malley & Delacey
Short Story
St. Mary's
Jam Today
Old Friends
Ghost in the Hills
Een Kleijne Komedye
Fingers and Thumbs
Lunchtime at Rosie's
Not Remotely Blue
Hymn for Jaco
(Pace Doc)
Cradle Songs
Tracy's Big Moment
Rocking Horse
Waiting for a Dancer
L'Amour Manque
Son of Kiss Curl
Kalahari Blues
New Bourgeoisie
Cuckoo Shuffle
Carolina Sunday Waltz
Designer Guitar
Waiting for a Dancer
Guitar for Mortals
The Netsman & the Laird
Mrs. Jack's Last Stand
After the Gig
7 Year Ache
A Candle in Notre Dame
The Gospel According to O. Henry
Waltzing With Jesus
Chicken Licken's Last Ride
Lost for Words
Bayou Belles II
Nail Talk
Designer Guitar
Tracy's Big Moment
Montreux Ramble
Divorcee's Waltz
Naive II
More Fun in the Swamp
St. Mary's
Norah Handley's Waltz / Kathleen Handley
Frank the Part-Time Clown
Green Ballet
Midwest Sunday
Pass the Valium
Chicken Licken's Last Stand
Gebrauchsmusik II
Kalahari Blues
Reckless Love
Een Kleyne Komedye
Born Again Idle
Cajun Interlude
Sour Grapes
Tune for Derroll
Dying Embers