Admiral Freebee

"...each one gets the honey and each one gets the knife, but fools like us always survive..." * A non-conforming magazine gave its music journalists a daunting task a couple of years ago, of having to sum up the new and upcoming records in just 1 single word. For Admiral Freebee's 'The Honey and the Knife' the word 'debut-vibe' would be quite the fitting candidate. It is the keyword of a mature, well-considered fourth album that is made with the candour of a first album. Read more on
Wake Up and Dream
Wake Up And Dream
Let It Shine
Let's Plan A Miracle
Bad Year For Rock'n Roll (Part 2)
Getting Ready For Luck
Kim Basinger
Maybe This Is The End
Too Much 0f Everything
The Great Scam
Walking Wounded
Breaking Away
Making Love in 2014
Finding My Way Back to You
The Poet's Words
I Don't Want to Feel Good Today
Do Your Duty (My Own Zoo)
No One Here
The Land of Lack
In Spring
Sad Old Light (Of Love)
The Honey & The Knife
Blues From a Hypochondriac (Always Hoping for the Worst)
My Hippie Ain't Hip
Look at What Love Has Done
Under My Secret Skin
The Longing Never Stops
Always on the Run
Last Song About You
Fools Like Us
The Art of Walking Away
Hymns for Demons / Home
Hidden Track 1
Hidden Track 2
Wild Dreams of New Beginnings
I'd Much Rather Go Out With the Boys
Trying to Get Away
All Through the Night
Perfect Town
Nobody Knows You
Wild Dreams of New Beginnings
Devil in the Details
Living for the Weekend
Blue Eyes
Coming of the Knight
The Worst Is Yet to Come
Lucky One
Recipe for Disaster
Sad Rebel
Boy You Never Found
Hope Alone
Carry On (For Tessa & Arthur)
Waiting for Nothing
Murder of the Sun
Framing the Agony
Baby's Chest
Admiral Freebee
Rags 'n' Run
Rebound Love
Ever Present
There's a Road (Noorderlaan)
I Got Love
Admiral for President
Serenity Now!
Bad Year for Rock 'n' Roll