Co-Founder and Web Developer

A self-confessed dog lover, Arthur claims to be the owner of the worlds cutest dog. He likes to spend his time cooking and claims to make beautiful tasty dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon when in reality he spends his time eating cordon bleu and cheese.

Arthur is a pianist and his dainty fingers dart about the piano like a ballerina on speed.


Co-Founder and iOS Developer

Since pulling out the chair from under his trying-to-sit-down Grandpa, Adrien has moved onto drinking in order to make other people more interesting. He is also prone to disappearing at the night so he can play Justin Bieber songs whilst massively fan-girling to himself.

A lover of board games Adrien is a hard man to beat especially at his favorite game Game of Thrones!


Co-Founder and Chief Coffee-Maker

A lover of Belgian beers, Baptiste can often be found sipping on a Chouffe whilst battling against evil forces on Warcraft 3 or trying to save the hostages on Counter Strike.

Not happy to compete only in gaming challenges Baptiste also loves sport challenges and has competed in a half ironman and Paris Roubaix on bike.


Android Developer and King Coke-Drinker

When Alexandre picks up a guitar it's like Christophe Mae is in the room, mainly because this is the only artist he knows how to play! He believes that Glen Hansard is the king of gingers and Ed Sheeran is the prince.

Alex loves beer, however beer doesn't feel the same way about him! Passionate about volleyball and master floor-slider Alexandre makes sure the ball never touches the ground.'


Community Manager and Executive English-Speaker

A player of guitar and piano, Ellie used to sing really loudly in shops in the hope that she would be discovered by a record label (and also to embarrass her sister), sadly she was never discovered but she is now performing in the Jellycovers!

Half Welsh half French this Wench also loves cycling, photography and reading fantasy books. Her impression of Gollum is something to be seen!