BennyTheBassman is a Canadian bassist and musical director. Based in Toronto, he plays with several country artists including 2013 Canadian Country Awards Female Artist of the Year Kira Isabella, and Warner Recording Artist David Boyd Janes. He also has a instructional Youtube channel where you can see him playing most of the charts of his that you will find here on Jellynote. Benny is thrilled to be be a part of the Jellynote community, and as a passionate transcriber as well as full-time bass player, he endeavors to make all of his charts note-for-note perfect transcriptions of the original. He sincerely hopes that his charts on Jellynote are enjoyed, and that they prove helpful to aspiring bassists, and pros alike. Links: See Benny playing these charts: \\ Support Benny on Patreon: \\ Join the BennyTheBassman community discord server: \\ Instagram: @bennythebassman, or

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