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  • 400k+ chords and lyrics
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  • Create playlists with your favourite songs
  • 200k+ sheet music
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Lorde - Royals - Drum Cover
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This was my second time improv jamming through this track! I wanted to see what kind of cool ideas I could do on the fly with this interesting song and I wanted to see if I could pull off all the stick changes without planning them out. I think it came out pretty cool!

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This video was recorded on my new Pearl Export EXX series kit. It's the new & better version of the red Pearl Export ELX kit that I used to play. Pearl has done an excellent job creating an awesome looking & sounding kit for quite a sweet price!
Check out the Pearl Export promo featuring me with the link below:
Learn More about the Export kit with the link below:

COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Plays:

Pearl Drums:
Check out my artist profile:
5 Piece - Pearl Export EXX Series in Jet Black -
22x18" Bass,
14x5.5" Snare,
10x7" Rack Tom,
12"x8" Rack Tom
13"x9" Rack Tom
14x14" Floor Tom,
16x16" Floor Tom
Pearl Icon 3 Sided Rack & Pearl's new Advanced Hardware
Pearl Demonator Double Pedals

Zildjian Cymbals:
Check out my artist profile here:
Cymbals Featured in This Video:
14 1/4" K Custom Hybrid Hats
17" & 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash
19" K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash
21" K Custom Hybrid Ride
12", 16" Oriental Trash Chinas

Vic Firth Sticks:
TITAN - Advanced Carbon Fiber Composite Sticks

Remo Drumheads:
Toms - Clear Powerstroke 4
Snare - Clear Controlled Sound
Kick - Clear Powerstroke 4
Resonant - Stock Remo Heads That come with the kit.

COOP3RDRUMM3R Records Using:

Presonus Interfaces/Audio Recording:
Firestudio Tube - (16 Channel Firewire Recording Interface w/ Tube Preamps)

Shure Microphones:
PG56, PG81, PG52, SM57

Go Pro Cameras:
4 Go Pro Hero2 HD Cameras
11 megapixels - 30fps - 1080p - 170 Degree field of view

Canon Cameras:
Canon t2i - 18 Megapixels - 30fps - 1080p
Canon t3i - 18 Megapixels - 30fps - 1080p

Apple - Logic Pro - Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.)
Apple - Final Cut Studio - Video Editor

COOP3RDRUMM3R's cool new Intro & Outro was created by
Garrett Delozier, videographer for Pearl Drums!
Check Out his Video Highlight Reel:

COOP3RDRUMM3R's right hand man for shooting videos, designing graphics & more is Zach Sturino of
From Aug 2011- May 2012 he filmed many of my videos and has been a key part of helping my channel become what it is today as well as continuing to be a key part in the design of my Social Media Pages & in the creation of many of my larger production videos.
Check out his work:

Sheet music

Royals - Lorde




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