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  • 400k+ chords and lyrics
  • Video tutorials
  • Create playlists with your favourite songs
  • 200k+ sheet music
  • Zero ads
  • Offline sync for iOS users

U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name (piano cover)

"Where the Streets Have No Name" is a song by Irish rock band U2. It is the opening track from their 1987 album The Joshua Tree and was released as the album's third single in August 1987. The song's hook is a repeating guitar arpeggio using a delay effect, played during the song's introduction and again at the end. Lead vocalist Bono wrote the lyrics in response to the notion that it is possible to identify a person's religion and income based on the street on which they lived, particularly in Belfast. During the band's difficulties recording the song, producer Brian Eno considered erasing the song's tapes to have them start from scratch.




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Been on youtube almost 3 years and I only just thought of covering this...what is wrong with me?! I haven't done a single-take cover in a very long time, so I decided to do it with this one. Let me know whether you prefer the edited multi-track videos like my previous cover of Stay The Night/Clarity or if you prefer these solo piano covers, or if you think I should keep doing both :)
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House of the Rising Sun 2016 - Emotional Dramatic Piano Playing by Peter Vamos
Peter Vamos is back at the piano and back on YouTube. To mark his return he has uploaded a new version of his House of the Rising Sun video. Peter Vamos’ House of the Rising Sun 2016 offers another unique, Peter Vamos interpretation of this classic song. From Eric Burdon and the Animals’ classic cover to American Idols’ Haley Reinhart’s inspiring remake, House of the Rising Sun is a seminal piece of rock music that when done right, has few equals. After nearly six decades as a pianist, Peter Vamos says it is still one of his favorite covers. For more Peter Vamos Subscribe to this channel, check out his new Website, Like him on Facebook or Follow him on Twitter.
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