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  • 400k+ chords and lyrics
  • Video tutorials
  • Create playlists with your favourite songs
  • 200k+ sheet music
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  • Offline sync for iOS users

Naruto: Shippuden OP16 - Silhouette

Naruto: Shippuden OP16 – Silhouette by KANA-BOON!
ナルト- 疾風伝 OP16 - シルエット by カナブーン

Ever since I’ve heard Pellek sing this, I’ve been thoroughly obsessed with it (almost unhealthy lol). Amazingly catchy and I actually like the singing – there’s something appealing to a voice that isn’t perfect. It even seems like KANA-BOON’s singer’s voice cracks during the song recording.

This is also extremely nostalgic. Do you guys remember watching Naruto from Dattebayo fansubs?? That’s good memories right there :3

Let me know what songs you’d like to hear next! Maybe another Naruto OP? Or maybe One Piece or Bleach (Fairy Tail?) – from the “Big 3” anime.

- - - - - -

New website:

The book of my face:

Ishter twitter:

- - - - - -

Piano arrangement by Tehishter

Original song:
-Composed by 谷口鮪
-Arranged by KANA-BOON
-Performed by KANA-BOON
-Lyrics by 谷口鮪

- - - - -


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One Punch Man OP - THE HERO ワンパンマン OP - THE HERO !! ~Okoreru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~ (THE HERO !! ~怒れる拳に火をつけろ~) by JAM PROJECT - - - Finally, I have arranged One Punch Man OP – THE HERO!! Basically, the best opening theme of this season. Actually, make that the best anime of the season too. Jeez, it’s been such a long time since I look forward to every week to watch an anime episode. Most anime lately has been… subpar and not as interesting. One Punch Man has changed that~ For me, Saitama is very inspiring – not only because of his “strength”, but also because he does it solely because he likes it. He doesn’t do it for popularity, or to look cool, or to impress girls. He just wants to do it for passion. For me, sometimes I tend to stray from my passion for anime and piano too. Sometimes, I think only about views, or how to make it more money (as a career) – well, I’m only human, so it happens  Characters like Saitama remind me to not play piano only for popularity, but to play piano because I love the music, piano, and anime. I should play the piano because I love arranging and performing. Sometimes I forget that, but characters like Saitama gives me hope again :3 Speaking of passion, I’ve been working hard with my friends in NEW YORK CITY to plan a concert there early 2016 for fans. Yes, first East Coast USA Performance debut in The Big Apple!! Only 460 seats in the beautiful concert hall, so reserve your seat now: (location provided in the form) - - - - - - Sheet archive on my website! ishter twitter: The book of my face: Piano arrangement by Tehishter Original song: -Composer: Hironobu Kageyama -Arranger: Makoto Miyazaki -Lyricist: Hironobu Kageyama - - - - -
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Naruto – “Sadness and Sorrow” [Piano Cover]
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to a very special piano cover. This is my 7th piano cover on this channel and is the first time I have ever learned to play a song from one of my all time favorite animes “Naruto”. I present to you, my cover of Sadness and Sorrow. Naruto is where my love for anime began so I have always had a soft spot for this show and it's incredible soundtrack. Sadness and Sorrow is my favorite song from Naruto and is one of the most beautiful piano songs that I have ever had the pleasure of learning. This song holds so much raw emotion that it's hard to not to break down when listening to it especially after knowing how many sad moments it accompanied during the show. The reason I chose Sasuke as the character for this song cover was because I think that he had one of the saddest story archs in the entire show. His life really captures what this song is about and I think that the artwork just fit this song perfectly. I also added some light snow over the video to really help express the mood of this piece. [Copyright Notice] To all participating copyright holders, this is a song cover. I performed the music in this video and did not use any of the original works in this video. The key of the song as well as some notes and the timing have all been changed. As always I hope you guys enjoyed the video and will leave me your feedback and thoughts on the video. ~Sqwizzix~ Like this video? Maybe consider leaving a “like”, leaving a comment, or subscribing. Have a question or want to get in touch? Stay connected with me on my twitter. Link: Want to watch me play live? Come hang out with me over on my twitch channel. Link: Want to get some Piano Entertainer apparel? Go grab yourself a Sqwizzix T-shirt! Link: All rights reserved to their respective owners regarding all game play, video clips, images, and songs. I do not own the music or video clips used in this video and give full credit to the respective parties. Thumbnail art is not my art. Original picture can be found here:
Undertale OST - Bergentrückung + ASGORE (Piano Cover)
Piano Cover of Bergentrückung and ASGORE from Undertale OST. If you like this video, please share it! It will help a lot! Acoustic Piano Only! Shot on Sony A7s + Zeiss 24-70 f4 lens.