She’s Not for You

Giorgio Moroder

She’s Not for You - Giorgio Moroder
This is my personal piano solo arrangement of She's Not For You, another variation of Gina's and Elvira's Theme (see also Calling on Mama and Gina), composed by the great Giorgio Moroder for the 1983 movie Scarface. Please check out the YouTube link to watch my performance. Hope you'll like it! This little piece of music is a great way to practise left-hand arpeggios in the keys of Bb major as well as Db major (there is a modulation in the middle section of the score). As played in the film--the scene between Gina and Tony right after he gets kicked out of the family home by an infuriated mother--the music should be played at a rigorous tempo and emphasis should be put on the various and changing emotions conveyed until the end. This one's for you!

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