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Stefan Müller


Stefan Müller is a bass player and music teacher based in Germany. When he was a child, his doctor recommended that he play the melodica as a therapy against asthma. After that, he received organ lessons for a few years. At the age of 15 he joined his first band as a bass player. He started from zero, but immediately recognized the power of the bass within the context of a band and fell in love with this instrument. Since then he has played in many bands in a variety of styles until a professional coverband allowed him to give up his job to study music in 2000. Stefan first attended the Bass School of Munich for one and a half years and then earned a bachelor’s degree at a music college after three further years of full-time education. He now plays in different bands, which cover almost every style from Jazz to Metal, and teaches both electric bass and musical theory. He has also served as the director of a big music school in Germany since 2013. Visit his Homepage https://www.stefanmueller.name or follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stefan_bass_mueller/

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