Simon Morel Guitar


Simon Morel has a 30 year career in music as a Guitar Educator, Musician and Manager. He's released two solo albums; manages and plays guitar in acclamied Sydney RnB band Soul Messengers; has played on a number of other artist’s albums and continues to play live shows across Australia. He's toured all over the world in Europe, Asia and at heaps of Aussie venues. In addition to work as a session guitarist, he runs two YouTube guitar channels - 'Simon Morel Guitar' (7k subs as at 9/2021) and new channel in 2021 'Aussie Guitar Lessons Weekly', focusing entirely on Aussie and Kiwi music lessons. Teaching-wise, Simon has taught thousands of people how to play the guitar over a 30 year teaching career. He runs Guitar Master Classes as well as teaching guitar lessons online and at his Sydney studio. In addition, he also runs a Guitar Lessons Subscription service via When that’s all done he offers free advice and music industry contacts to music artists via his company The Record Factory and writes two blogs; SimonLovesGuitars and The Record Factory.

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