Massimiliano "MarFi" Gentilini


Born in Milano (Italia) in 1988, i'm a professional musician, teacher at Jam Session School in Barcelona (Spain), composer and producer. I've started working as a Bass Player in 2008, opening at Mtv awards Switzerland playing for the Singer "Beppe Martinelli" and recorded many albums of different kins of music. in 2010 i moved to Barcelona, where i started my carrer as a teacher and pursued the Senior Grade in Interpretation at Jam Session Rock School College, first university in Spain teaching Rock and modern music with ETCS credits. Meanwhile i've worked as a session musicans from many different bands, among which we can highlight Death Keepers (with Mike Vescera, ex "Yngwie Malmsteen" and ex "Loudness" singer), Nerea y los del callejon (with the keyboard player and the producer from "Jarabe de Palo" band), Zelest (with guests like Senri Kawaguchi and Eric Gillette), and my personal project band, "Aran Prog Project", with more than 20 guests recording from all around the world (with Cameron Fleury). Now i'm working mainly on my Youtube channel, "Bass Tunes channel" (a channel dedicated to bass instrument and learning music) and playing live with my bands like Tarantination (Quentin Tarantino tribute band), Brotherhood (members at Progressive Nation at sea 2014), Quimera Gris and much more...

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