Denizard Moraes


I am music lover since my childhood, when I started to learn music from my dad, his family, and of course all the brazilian and global influence by listening to LP (yes, you already can guess my age). My main instrument is piano, but I also like to play guitar, bass, ukulele and beginning adventures on flute, clarinet. In fact, all instruments have their all magic and path. All of them can be very easy and pretty hard and advanced, technically speaking. I work as a secondary music teacher at a international school here in Salvador / Bahia / Brazil. It's a challenge and a hope see more young people be empowered with musical theorical and pratical skills, so they can take advantage of that for making music anytime time on their present and future's lifes. I love to create easy versions of melodys and to see many people playing their loved songs. I hope to see your hands one of my contributions and transcriptions and that the music may make your life better and happier. Dive into this journey and find your song, your melody, harmony, your soul, through the music. Glad to having you here. My best, Denis

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