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    Got to Believe in Magic by David Pomeranz
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    Got to Believe in Magic - David Pomeranz

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      [{Intro}] [=B♭=] [=E♭=] [{Verse i}] [\B♭\]Take me to yo[\E♭\]ur heart, [\B♭\]Show me where[\E♭\] to start, [\B♭\]Let me p[\Am\]lay the p[\Gm\]art of your first [\F\]love; [\E♭\]All the stars are [\F\]right, [\E♭\]Ev'ry wish is o[\F\]urs tonight, my [\B♭\]love. [{Verse ii}] Pity those who wait, Trust in love to faith, Findin' out too late that they've lost it; Never letting go, They will never know the ways of love. [{Chorus i}] [\Dm\]Got to believe in [\Gm\]magic, [\Cm\]Tell me how two [\Dm\]people find each[\Gm\] other In a [\E♭\]world that's full of str[\F\]angers; [\Dm\]You've got to believe in [\Gm\]magic, [\Cm\]Somethin' str[\Dm\]onger than the moon [\Gm\]above 'Cause it's[\E♭\] magic when two[\F\] people fall in [\B♭\]love. [{Verse iii}] I may never know Why I need you so All I need to know is this feeling Handle it with care We were born to share this dream, my love Repeat Chorus Adlib: [\Am\]-[\Gm\]-[\F\]-[\C\]-[\D\] [{Chorus ii}] [\Em\]Got to believe in [\Am\]magic, [\Dm\]Tell me how two [\Em\]people find each[\Am\] other In a [\F\]world that's full of st[\G\]rangers; [\Em\]You've got to believe in [\Am\]magic, [\Dm\]Somethin' str[\Em\]onger than the moon [\Am\]above 'Cause it's [\F\]magic when two[\G\] people fall in [\C\]love. Repeat Chorus II End