Video Games Sheet Music

Enjoy Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Minecraft, Tetris on piano, violin, saxophone, guitar and more

Do you remember those nights spent sneakingly playing Zelda? Or the times you fell asleep holding your nintendo gamepad with the music of Super Mario still playing in the background. You might have become a successful professional with responsibilities, but the names of Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty or Minecraft certainly ring a joyous bell. Too old to indulge in video games? Dive back into the universe of your favourite heroes by playing their soundtracks on your instrument. All our sheet music are interactive and can be downloaded in PDF and printed.

Easy piano video games sheet music

These music notes are perfect if you've only learnt the piano for a few weeks and want to progress with songs from your favorite games, like “Calm” by Minecraft, “Great Fairy Fountain” by The Legend of Zelda or the theme “Korobeiniki” from Tetris.

Cuphead sheet music on the piano

Cuphead is an action game inspired by cartoons from the 1930s. With more than 5 million copies sold since its release in 2017, many gamers have fallen in love with its iconic ragtime and jazzy soundtrack. Cuphead's music was composed by Kristofer Maddigan, a percussionist by training. Have you ever heard the songs "Die House" or "Don’t Deal With the Devil"? They are just waiting for you to get the crowds dancing!

Final Fantasy sheet music on the piano

FF is a series of role-playing games produced in 1987 by Square Enix in Japan for the NES console. Thirty years later, it released 15 episodes and has become a cornerstone of the video game world. The franchise has now sold more than 130 million units worldwide. Add to that a fantastic soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu, this is the perfect time for you to slip in the shoes of Clad or Aeris!

Fantasy Life sheet music on the piano

Fantasy Life is a role-playing video game created by Level-5 studio for Nintendo DS in 2005. Don't confuse it with Final Fantasy as this video game is a mix of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. The melodies are both epic and fairy-like, and the soundtrack is signed by Nobuo Uemastu again (also behind the music of Final Fantasy).

Video games sheet music for bands or orchestras

These video games soundtracks can be played solo or with other musicians. Play the Pokemon theme with a string quartet, Super Mario with your rock band or Megalovania on the saxophone. Don't worry if you didn't make the orchestra, Jellynote allows you to play along the backing tracks using the Band Mode.

Meet the Creators behind our sheet music

Some of them are music teachers, others are composers or performers... but all of them are avid gamers. They wanted to share their passion for their favorite video games and created these scores for you. Get to know them and find other music sheets you might like!

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