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Jellynote's Time Machine

Music is like fashion. It crosses borders, brings people together, and continually evolves. Just like fashion, it has the habit of repeating itself. The sounds of one decade can heavily influence the sounds of later years. Tracks get released, re-released, or covered by other artists - recycling at its very best. Music that our parents – grandparents even – boogied to can suddenly find its way onto today's dancefloors. The amazing Jellynote Time Machine transports you and your instrument back in time over several decades. Do you want to be in the swinging Sixties? Go ahead – we've got Beatles guitar tabs, Stevie Wonder piano scores, and arrangements for other popular songs of that era. Or perhaps you want to play tunes that people partied to at the dawn of the new millennium? Then check out The Killers or OneRepublic scores in the Time Machine. Whichever instrument you play, level you are at, or era you want to be transported to, Jellynote's sheet music can take you there.