Sheet Music for Strings

Sheet music for string instruments in duet, quartet, quintet and more

String ensembles, from quartets to chamber orchestras, are among the most widespread formations in the classical repertoire. They are made up exclusively of string instruments such as the viola, the cello and the double bass. These ensembles display a unique music density and combine a palette of architectural tones and sound textures. All our sheet music are interactive and can be downloaded in PDF and printed.

Cello Duet Sheet Music

The cello is one of the unmissable instruments in a string orchestra. In this selection, you will find symphonic arrangements from ABBA, Star Trek, or Games of Thrones. The purists can delight in "Invention no.4 in D Minor", Johann Sebastian Bach, Salaverri's "La Paloma" and other classics.

Quintet and Other Ensemble Sheet Music

As its name suggests, a quintet is a musical work composed and arranged for five musicians, in a wide variety of genres and forms. This is an opportunity for you to rediscover popular pieces such as The Story of Life by Elton John (The Lion King) or to refine your classics with Debussy and Bach. If you don't have any musician friends, you can use the Band mode and play as if you were part of an orchestra!

Meet The Creators Behind Our Sheet Music

Some of them are music teachers, others are composers or performers. Their love for the bass is unconditional and they’re delighted to share their passion with you. Get to know them and find other music sheets you might like!

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