FREE sheet music to play during the Coronavirus outbreak

Bored? It's time to get your instrument out of the closet!

Jellynote wants to keep you smiling despite the confinement and the uncertainty surrounding us. We're making all the scores on the Coronavirus playlist freely accessible so you can play more music. We'll still be paying our contributions to the composers, artists and creators, but it's on us. Sing them on your balcony or teach them to your kids, these tunes will for sure boost your immune system and that of your loved ones.

Free Ensemble Sheet Music for Corona

Here is our selection of songs arranged for small ensembles and choirs. Have you tried our Band mode yet? It gives you the impression of being part of a band despite being alone. You can play them with your bandmates over video chat as well.

Free Guitar Tabs for Corona

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of those songs? It's a good opportunity to hear what these artists had predicted years ago! Also save your guitar by washing your hands before touching it :)

Free Piano Sheet Music for Corona

We've selected songs that have gained a special meaning lately, arranged for piano. Don't forget to clean your keys with anti-bacterial wipes, just in case.

Free Bass Tabs for Corona

And here are our special bass tabs. Remember: now is not the time to lend your bass to anyone, keep it clean and safe at home.

Free Easy Piano Sheet Music for Beginners

Remember the piano you bought? Yes, the one taking half of the space in your living room. Brush the dust off the keys and start practicing one of these "must-know" tunes! Impress your friends after coronavirus by playing as if you'd always known!

Free Easy Guitar Tabs For Beginners

Remember that guitar you bought? Yes, the red one that's still waiting in your closet. Wash your hands, take it out, set new strings and start playing. After coronavirus, you'll impress your friends who didn't know you played the guitar so well!


How do I keep my sanity during the confinement?
We recommend you limit your consumption of news and social media sites to 30 minutes per day. Use extra time to learn a new skill or perform activities that are known to release happiness hormones, like playing an instrument.
I am a beginner, where do I start?
If you've never learnt how to read notes, don't panic. Beginner songs usually use a limited range of notes, so you can master the notes as you play the song. Select the "Beginner" tag on the Search bar to find beginner-friendly songs to play. If you play the guitar, don't forget to activate the tabs.
How do I play when I don't have my bandmates around?
You can use the Band mode on Jellynote - find a multi track sheet music, click on the button that's on the far right end of the play bar, and select Band. It will mute your instrument while playing the others. True it won't match the skills of your human mates (or will it?) but it's gonna help you feel less lonely.