We write the notes so you can play the music

It's not always possible to find sheet music for every song you want to play. If you do find an arrangement, it might not be playable for your instrument, suitable for your level or fit your style. Our aim is to provide you with a large catalog of ready to purchase sheet music but it is nearly impossible to cover ever song that was ever written. We provide those of you who are looking for specifics songs and styles or artists who want their own songs transcribed with custom transcription services: we listen to the song you want to play and transcribe it for you. It is custom made for you by one of the professional musicians in our Creators community. Here are a few examples of custom scores that we have made, and their prices.

See what other Jellynoters say

"I ordered a piano voice arrangement and after I received it, I asked if it was possible to make it slightly harder. The Jellynote team said no problem and sent a new version shortly after. I really appreciate all the effort they put into it :) "
"I was looking all over the Internet for a song that has a special meaning to my wife and I. Fortunately I found Jellynote and they agreed to custom write it for me. I checked the arrangement and it was perfect. I played it for my wife for our anniversary and she was left speechless :)"
"I needed a piano reduction of an opera piece. The arrangement was absolutely beautiful! We'll be performing it at our Church congregation. Thank you so much Jellynote for making it possible!"

Arrangements of pop rock songs for the piano

We can arrange any pop rock songs and adapt it to your level. Discover some recent creations: an easy piano version of Dancing in the Moonlight, a transcription of Thierry Lang's version of Love of My Life (Queen). We are not afraid of language barriers - check out our French and Chinese songs. Depending on their length and complexity, these arrangements cost between $40 to $65.

Jazz sheet music for the piano

Many people are interested in scores of specific jazz solos. Those transcriptions are usually difficult but our Creators are more than qualified to do it. You can find an example here with Dembo by Chucho Valdes. We can also transform a classical piece into a jazzy one: check out Paganini's Caprice No. 24. Depending on their length and complexity, transcriptions of jazz solos cost between $80 and $120.

Bass transcriptions

Bass players have a hard time finding accurate sheet music for their favorite songs. Our bass Creators are able to write the music down so you can focus on your technique. Depending on their length and complexity, these transcriptions cost between $45 and $65.

Pop rock guitar arrangements

We can convert any pop rock songs into sheet music and adapt it to your level and style of playing. Just tell us whether you would like it fingerstyle, campfire or classical, and we will make it. Depending on their length and complexity, these arrangements cost between $40 and $60.

Lead sheet

Lead sheets are a synthetic representation of a song, with the melody line, chords above and lyrics below. They are perfect if you like adding improvisation to your performance. Lead sheets cost between $35 and $50.

Drums transcriptions

Our drummers make accurate transcriptions of the drums part in any song. Take a look at a few examples below, with Walk this way by Aerosmith or Hold the Line by Toto. Depending on their length and complexity, drums transcriptions cost between $45 and $65.

Saxophone, harp, recorder and arrangements for other instruments

Some instruments can be more difficult to find suitable sheet music for. The good news is that there is a specialist for each instrument in our community of expert musicians, so we can craft the sheet music you need and make sure it is suitable for your instrument. Depending on their length and complexity, these arrangements cost between $40 and $65.

Arrangements for orchestras

Whether you are a rock band leader, a school band director, or an orchestra conductor, we can write the score for the song you require with the exact instrumentation you need. Have a look at some examples of scores we have written for brass quartet, string quintet and custom ensembles. Prices depend on the number of instruments, the length of the song and the type of arrangement you need. The scores below cost $80 to $150.

They will transcribe the music so you can focus on playing it

They are teachers, composers, professional transcribers and have received qualifications and awards for their skills. They have made hundreds of transcriptions and arrangements and will dedicate the highest level of attention to meet your expectations. Find out more about them by clicking on their profiles!


What kind of song can I request?
The short answer is ANY. As long as you send us the recording you would like sheet music for, we can transcribe it. If the recording does not have the instrument you play, ie the recording features two violins, one contrabass, three flutes and a piano, and you play the piano, we will reduce the recording into a piece playable for piano solo, not with the exact notes you hear on the recording, but with the DNA of the song so anyone listening to you play will recognise the song.
When will I receive my custom score?
Once we receive your request for a quote, we will send it to you within 2 business days. If you agree on the price, we will then send you an invoice and after we receive your payment, we will start on your custom score straightaway. It usually takes 2- 5 business days for us to send you the completed score, depending on the length and complexity.
Can I request a shorter delivery time?
Of course. We will do our best to accommodate your deadlines. We have been known to produce custom scores within a few hours.
Which payment method do you accept?
Our payment provider Stripe accepts any debit and credit card payments. Stripe is used by listed companies and startups alike and has state of the art security protocols. We do not have access to your payment details. It is also possible to pay us by bank wire or Paypal. For the latter, we will ask you to cover for Paypal fees ($3-5 depending on the price).
How do you produce the score?
With a trained ear and years of experience, our professional musicians have received a prestigious masters in music theory and have transcribed hundreds of songs as part of their training. They also have 10+ years of experience as teachers and composers so they know how to write a score so it is playable.
Do you use a computer software to produce the score?
The musicians will use an editing software to actually write the sheet music, which will make it easier for you to read. The arrangement is, however, made from scratch. To date, there is no computer program that can accurately transcribe a song into playable sheet music.
How can I be sure the final sheet music is accurate?
We only work with trusted professional musicians who have had over five years experience transcribing songs. When they finish writing the score, it is then reviewed by the Jellynote Quality Control team to make sure there are no mistakes. Once the score is delivered to you, it has already gone through at least two rounds of quality checks.
If the sheet music is too easy or too hard, can I request a change?
Of course! If you are not satisfied with the sheet music we deliver to you, we are happy to make as many amendments as necessary to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. This is why it is called a custom score.
If I am not satisfied, can I request a refund?
We will make changes until you are satisfied but if for some reason you would like a refund, we will issue a full refund to you.
Which format do I get my sheet music in?
We can deliver the sheet music in any format you wish: PDF, Sib (Sibelius), MusicXML, MIDI... and you will of course have access to the score on the Jellynote player too.
How much does a custom score cost?
The price really depends on the song, its length, complexity, instruments and the scoring you would like it for. An orchestral piece with 12 instruments will not cost the same as a piano voice arrangement. This is why we ask you to request a (free) quote so we can assess the time and resources it will take us to create it, and discuss this with you.
Am I obliged to pay if I have requested a quote?
Absolutely not. Requesting a quote is free. Once you know the price, you can choose to proceed or not. No strings attached!
I want to ask a question before requesting a quote, how do I contact you?
Sure thing! Email us at requests@jellynote.com.