Sheet Music to play the Amelie soundtrack

Iconic songs from the French movie that made everyone want to come to Paris

Learn how to play Comptine d'un Autre Ete, La Valse d'Amelie and other works that made Audrey Tautou the most well known French actress overseas and Yann Tiersen the most played French composer in the US or China. Amelie is a French movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet that marked the early 2000s forever. The young and innocent Amelie works at making the lives of everyone around her enjoyable. Destiny rewards her with a love story of her own, as she meets and falls in love with Nino. The plot is not that unique but the way the movie was directed, the different locations in Montmartre and the music certainly added to its charm. We've gathered here the sheet music for Comptine d'un Autre Ete, Amelie's waltz (La Valse d'Amelie) and other songs from the movie. You'll also find a selection of songs from other famous films, such as Intouchables (Una Mattina by Einaudi), Star Wars, Game of Thrones or Inception. All our sheet music are interactive and can be downloaded in PDF and printed.

Play the Amelie soundtrack on the piano

Play Amelie songs on the piano and the accordeon as in the original soundtrack. Next time you’re in Paris, you’ll hear it from the buskers in the French metro.

Amelie sheet music for bands or orchestras

Yann Tiersen is a talented composer who can play the piano, accordeon, violin, guitar and more! His compositions are often multi-instrumental but if you don’t have an orchestra at hand, don’t worry, you can always use our Band mode and play along the backing tracks!

Other works by Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen signed other famous movie soundtracks like "Goodbye Lenin" or "Tabarly". Try out the movies and the sheet music!

Meet The Creators Behind Our Sheet Music

Some of them are music teachers, others are composers or performers. Their love for the bass is unconditional and they’re delighted to share their passion with you. Get to know them and find other music sheets you might like!


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