8 Must-Know Guitar Hacks and Tricks

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Jellynote has compiled for you 8 must-know Guitar Hacks and Tricks, discover them below!

1) Guitar Hacks – When tuning an electric guitar

To increase the accuracy of the tuner and decrease the time taken to tune each string use the neck pickup and roll the tone all the way down.

All played notes consist of a fundamental pitch and a lot of related harmonics. An electronic tuner will listen for the fundamental pitch of the note you’re tuning so by switching to the neck pickup and rolling the tone down, you’re ‘turning down’ the higher harmonics to leave more of the fundamental note and hence increasing the accuracy of the tuner.

2) Guitar Hacks – Staying in tune

One of the main reasons for your guitar guitar-crayonslipping out of tune is due to the condition of the nut slots. The nut slot should gently cup the string allowing it to move freely.

If you find that your guitar keeps going out of tune whilst you’re playing, try taking a pencil and sketching into the nut slot. This should leave a trace of graphite which will act as a string lubricant and hence help your strings to stay in tune!

You can also check your guitar’s action and intonation to make sure it’s set up correctly.

3) Guitar Hacks – When restringing your guitar

When restringing, make sure you get a lot of wraps around the tuning pegs. An increased break angle between the pegs and the nut increases sustain and solves some tuning issues with non-locking tuners.

You should also use cleaning products such as polishing rags, lemon oil and surface cleaner to clean the neck of the guitar each time you restring.

4) Guitar Hacks -Extend the life of your strings

After playing make sure you wipe the strings down to get rid of the acidic residue left by your hands.

5) Guitar Hacks – To get a Johnny Cash sound on your guitar

Down by the bridge weave a dollar bill through your strings and you will get a muted twangy Johnny Cash kinda sound (this works best on an acoustic guitar). So a dollar will give you some Cash…

6) Guitar Hacks – How to solo to any song

The pentatonic scale is the most common scale used for playing rock lead guitar because it sounds great over every chord change in a key. PLUS you can use the pentatonic scale pattern for both a major and a minor progression.

If the root chord for the song is A major you will know that the barre chord for A is located on the 5th fret (as per image below) thus the pentatonic scale would start on the 5th fret. Check out the tab below.


A minor pentatonic scale uses the same notes as the major pentatonic scale in the key three half-steps higher.

So for the A minor pentatonic scale, you can use the same pattern for a solo three half steps higher which would be C (A to Bb to B to C ) – so starting on the 8th fret.

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7) Guitar Hacks – Make your own capo

You can make an emergency capo really easily with just a piece of string/hair tie and a pencil. Place the pencil on the desired fret, wrap the string around each end passing it by the back of the neck, and tighten!

8) Guitar Hacks – To keep the strap in place

If you find that your strap keeps coming off then try using the rubber seal ring found on bottled beers. Just place it over the strap holder and strap!


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