15 Most Inspiring Piano Movie Soundtracks to Play

Behind every great film is a meticulously planned soundtrack. Good soundtracks can make mediocre films unforgettable and bad ones can undermine stellar writing and performances; without music those chill-inspiring moments of a movie would be just moments…

Being nerds who spend most of our time in our basements, we here at Jellynote LOVE a good soundtrack as it combines the two things we enjoy most in the world: music and living vicariously through other people.

There are many inspirational movie soundtracks, but here are our top 12 piano movie soundtracks. Learn to play them on the piano by clicking on the link.

15. The Office by Jay Ferguson

If you’ve watched NBC’s show The Office, you’ve probably found yourself wanting to work for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company at some point… so bring that atmosphere to your home piano! Jay Ferguson won the 2007 Film & TV Music Award for Best Score for a Comedy Television Program.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for The Office

14. No Time to Die (From James Bond)

This James Bond movie will be forever known as the James Bond of the Covid year. Well at least they summarised the goal of 2020: it’s not the time to die! This sheet music was arranged for piano and brass – you can use the Band Mode to mute the piano and play with the other instruments! Helpful in time of confinement.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for No Time To Die

13. The Marriage of Figaro

For those of you who thought Jellynote was only into pop-rock, well it’s not true! We also deeply care about classical music. Here is an arrangement of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro to help you bring that 18th century playfulness into your living room.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for The Marriage of Figaro

12. Shallow by Lady Gaga (From A Star is Born)

This song is a perfect reminder of our own less-than-perfect coming of age experience. The music is bound to bring tears of nostalgia to your eyes.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Shallow

11. Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi (From The Intouchables

A calm, gentle and soothing piano piece.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Nuvole Bianche

10. My Heart Will Go On by James Horner (From Titanic)

We all cried on this one. Playing this on the piano is an emotional journey.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for My Heart Will Go On

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9. The Girl From Ipanema by Antônio Carlos Jobim

This song is believed to be the second-most recorded pop song in history, after “Yesterday” by The Beatles.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for The Girl From Ipanema

8. Childhood and Manhood by Ennio Morricone (From Cinema Paradisio)

A nice way to pay tribute to the great Italian composer.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Childhood and Manhood

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7. Rocket Man by Elton John

This song gave birth to the eponymous movie Rocket Man, the biographical musical film based on the life of Elton John.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Rocket Man

6. I Got Rhythm by George Gerschwin (From An American in Paris)

A song filled with adventure, this piece brims with excitement and exploration and is a fun and extremely fast score to learn!

▶︎ Download the sheet music for I Got Rhythm

5. Fly Me To The Moon by Bart Howard (From Once Around)

Not many songs can fill you with so many different emotions, this is a thoroughly heart warming piece that shows just how important the tempo is to portraying mood.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Fly Me To The Moon

4. The Entertainer by Scott Joplin (from The Sting)

The Entertainer is Scott Joplin’s masterpiece, one of the most famous ragtime composers in the history of jazz.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for The Entertainer

3. Let it Go by Kristen Anderson-Lopez (From Frozen)

A ballad for the ages. We recommend having a box of tissues beside you and staying away from hard alcohol while you play it. It could get messy…

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Let It Go

2. La Valse d’Amelie (from French iconic movie Amelie)

Amelie made us believe Paris was the place you could fall in love with a stranger in a cafe or at the train station. Being a French company addressing a grown-up audience, we have to tell you it is not true. However that should not deter you from playing the song on your piano and feed that fantasy.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for la Valse d’Amelie

1. Castle in the Sky

A delicate and gentle song, echoing the innocence of childhood through its single lone note.

▶︎ Download the sheet music for Castle in the Sky

What would your top movie soundtrack be?

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to try playing some of these songs…or at least to re-watch some of your favorite movies!

Happy Practicing,

The Jellynote Team x

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