7 Must Learn Songs from Game of Thrones

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It’s that time of year that you have waited a whole year for – Game of Thrones!!

Now you can now truly emerge yourself in the Game of Thrones world thanks to the free sheet music and tabs for the GoT soundtrack on Jellynote.

Impress your friends by blasting out the instantly recognisable theme tune or one of the lesser known yet still beautiful and powerful pieces.

Game of Thrones Theme Tune

I can’t help but sing along to the theme tune for Game of Thrones, absolutely epic!

Guitar tabs – Theme Tune

Piano Sheet Music – Theme Tune

Easy version: Piano Sheet Music – Theme Tune


Light of the Seven

Especially composed for the finale of the sixth season, and is the first time we see a piano used for a game of thrones composition.

Guitar Tabs – Light of the Seven

Piano Sheet Music – Light of the Seven

What is Dead May Never Die

A beautiful and slow piece.

Piano Sheet Music – What is Dead May Never Die


The Bear and the Maiden Fair

A really fun one to learn from a very memorable scene where Jaime jumps in to rescue Brienne!

Guitar Tabs – The Bear and the Maiden Fair


Mother of Dragons

Daenarys is my personal favorite to win the throne!

Piano Sheet Music – Mother of Dragons


Rains of Castamere

The house of Lannister song, ‘hear me roar’! Seriously how does he get so low?!
Guitar tabs – Rain of Castamere

Piano Sheet Music – Rain of Castamere


The Kings Arrival

The most royal theme in GoT!

Piano Sheet Music – The Kings Arrival


Have you written sheet music for another song from Game of Thrones? Why not share it with the Jellynote community by uploading it here?!


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