Top 7 Easy Violin Songs to Learn

When starting out on the violin you might think to start off you can’t play any ‘popular’ music as it is too difficult but you would be surprised as to how many violin compositions are out there for beginners.

Don’t expect to be able to play each song straight away, it will take a lot of time and practice, but don’t give up!

Below are 8 violin songs to start off with, and 2 more intermediate ones to encourage you to go to the next level.

Can’t read sheet music? Check out our interview with Professor Steve Journé, who’s developed an infallible method to master sight-reading in a few days.

First things first I would recommend really getting to grips with these two super easy and recognisable songs! They will serve you well in major life events of your family and friends 🙂

Happy Birthday

A classic song good for all of those celebratory moments with your friends and family!

► Find the Happy Birthday violin sheet music on Jellynote

Ode To Joy

A nice easy happy song to play along the piano accompaniment – written originally by Beethoven.

► Find the violin sheet music for Ode To Joy on Jellynote, to play with the piano accompaniment using the Band Mode.


Personally I think this song is best played on the violin as it adds more depth to the tune.

► Find the violin sheet music for Hallelujah on Jellynote

My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

If you’re not too confident with quavers yet as you find them too quick then this is the song to learn!

► Find the violin sheet music for Titanic on Jellynote

Moonlight Sonata

With some training, you can easily impress people around you with this arrangement of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Make sure you play the slurs using harmonious arm and wrist movements to sound beautifully elegant.

► Find the violin sheet music for Moonlight Sonata on Jellynote

No time to die (James Bond)

This Billie Eilish song was made popular before the movie even came out… especially due to the pandemic postponing its release month after month. This is more of an intermediate piece with some acrobatic rhythmic symbols, such as semiquavers and ties, but the end result should be very satisfying.

► Find the violin sheet music for No Time to Die on Jellynote. It comes with a piano accompaniment so use the Band Mode to play along the backing tracks!

Married Life (Up by Pixar)

If you’ve cried during the scene where Carl and Ellie get married and grow old together, you’ll certainly enjoy playing it on the violin! Beware – this is not a beginner arrangement so you’ll need some practice before tackling it! It’s written in E major and has a piano accompaniment for you to play with the Band Mode.

► Find the violin sheet music for Married Life on Jellynote.

We hope this list gave you the motivation to start the violin or continue your practice. If you’re having a hard time sight reading, check our guide on how reading sheet music is not as difficult as you might think!


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